In 1960, Herbert Cohen moved his family from Roslyn, New York, to Rutland, Vermont.

Although he had a secure future in his family’s medical supply business, he had the drive of an entrepreneur. He seized an opportunity and struck out on his own to partner with his long-time friend who owned Carpetland, a carpet store located in downtown Rutland. The new partners saw potential in the area and, through hard work and perseverance, their business flourished. Their success led to the purchase of the Union Furniture Company located on South Main Street in Rutland. Expansion into construction projects and additional services led to a change of name to Rutland House. The period of the seventies was a time of tremendous growth for local ski industries, and Herb started Vermont Contract Furnishings as a division of Rutland House.

The new company supplied furnishings to the exploding condominium market within ski resorts in the northeast. His goals were to sell attractive, long-lasting, and high-quality furniture to meet the needs of a demanding hospitality industry, to purchase from local companies constructing furnishings in Vermont, and to provide exceptional service. This model brought success to Herb’s ventures for over 36 years before he passed away in 1996.

In 1998, Herb’s sons, John and Tom Cohen started Mt. Resort Interiors to continue the family business. They hired many of the same loyal, long-term employees that worked at Vermont Contract Furnishings, and the business thrived. The nature of the business had changed, but there was still much work to be done. New condominium construction and development had subsided; the next great opportunity was in renovation projects. Along with the furnishing of new construction projects, the projects from previous years needed updates and fresh design to stay competitive in the rental market. This required a steady supply of new hospitality quality carpet, drapes, furniture, mattresses, and bedding to keep properties up to date.

It is amazing, but to this day, we still see original Vermont Contract Furnishings products in many of the units we are renovating. It is a testament to the quality and design of our products that allows them to remain in service for 20-plus years. We built this business on the mantra of “one sofa at a time,” and because of this, we have been able to sustain through many volatile seasons. Mt. Resort Interiors continues to grow because of our outstanding customer service, our commitment to using quality products, and our eagerness to stand behind these products.

Mountain Resort Interiors is a customer service oriented interior design firm that specializes in the refurbishment of ski area rental condos and time shares throughout the northeast.

Homeowners of condos who live all over the world often have a difficult time getting needed work done on their rental units from the comfort of their home. 

Home Owners

Mountain Resort Interiors will provide full interior design and project management with turn-key service. We offer custom made furniture to fit any space. If you are currently working with a designer, we can provide installation, receiving and warehousing packages for your furnishings until your home is ready for installation.

Rental Property Owners

Mountain Resort Interiors will coordinate the complete renovation of your rental property. We offer a fresh, stylish approach to renovation. Our products are selected based on their ability to withstand a variety of challenging environments, while maintaining a new appearance for many years. We will work around your units occupancy to maximize rental income and minimize downtime.

Order Fabric Samples

With MRI, a homeowner can browse our web site and see carpets, fabrics, sofas, chairs and drapes. They can order samples on line and work with our designers to choose the best colors and styles that will work in their specific ski condo.