Lancer 10450 Sectional
Lancer 10450 Series Sectional Sofa


As Shown:

Fabric: Sugarshack in color: Pewter with Pillows in fabric: Polygons in color: Sandstone

10462 Left Facing One Arm Love Seat     Price: $1256.00

10460 Right Facing One Arm Corner Sofa     Price: $1456.00

All sofas include arm covers.

Sectional sofas include three throw pillows.


Available as sleep sofa sectional:

10453 Right Arm Queen Sleep Sofa     Price: $1842.00

10463 Left Arm Queen Sleep Sofa     Price: $1842.00

All sleep sofas can be upgraded to a memory foam mattress.

This queen sleep sofa section with a memory foam option: $2079.00


Also Available:

10452 Right Facing One Arm Love Seat     Price: $1256.00

10450 Left Facing One Arm Corner Sofa     Price: $1456.00

10458 Left Facing One Arm Corner Love Seat     Price: $1323.00

10468 Right Facing One Arm Corner Love Seat     Price : $1323.00

10466 Left Facing One Arm Sofa     Price: $1321.00

10456 Right Facing One Arm Sofa     Price: $1321.00

10469 Armless Love Seat     Price: $1030.00

10455 Moveable Ottoman     Price: $572.00

10454 Ottoman     Price: $485.00


Stationary sofas are designed with three legs; sleep sofas are designed with two legs.

Sofa Construction

Sofas are available in various sizes and styles as stationary or sleeper.  All stationary sofas full size and larger feature an additional center leg for greater support and durability.  Sleep sofas do not have a third leg.  Sofa frames are made with traditional integral construction using dried hardwoods doweled, glued and corner blocked for complete structural integrity.  All sofas feature a US Patented “Duo-Coil” seat spring support system.  Using comfort-coil springs, made with 8.5 gauge high carbon spring wire that is tempered, assures long lasting durability.

Sofa seat cushions are manufactured with 2.0 density Ultracel foam with a fiber wrap.  Ultracel foam features comfort, support and superior shape retention.  Cushions have a 5 year warranty.  All seat cushions are reversible for maximum wearability.  We also have the ability to do contrasting welts upon request.

Sleepers are usually available in twin, full and queen sizes.  All sleepers feature heavy duty, contract quality, super-sagless bed mechanisms, warranted for five years by the manufacturer.  All mattresses are premium innerspring construction with quilted tops.  The contract mattress thickness is a very comfortable six inches.  All sleep sofas can be upgraded to a memory foam mattress.

Made in North Carolina.

Fabric Options

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Samples are available for every fabric, carpet, and flooring we offer in our catalog. Your samples will be shipped within 24 hours.

Lancer: Harvard Clay
Lancer: Harvard Pewter
Lancer: Harvard Taupe
Lancer: Sugarshack Royal
Lancer: Sugarshack Pewter
Lancer: Sugarshack Olive
Lancer: Sugarshack Latte
Lancer: Sugarshack Flame
Lancer: Polygons Marine
Lancer: Polygons Sandstone
Lancer: Polygons Auburn
Lancer: Oklahoma Night
Lancer: Oklahoma Classic
Lancer: Homerun Silver
Lancer: Homerun Latte
Lancer: Homerun Calypso
Lancer: Flannel Naiad
Lancer: Nadine Coin
Lancer: Homerun Paprika
Lancer: Homerun Delft
Lancer: Flannel Puma
Lancer: Flannel Mollusk
Lancer: Flannel Bellows
Lancer: Deer Valley Canyon
Lancer: Deer Valley Apache
Lancer: Compel Espresso
Lancer: Compel Charcoal
Lancer: Awesome Russet
Lancer: Awesome Royal
Lancer: Awesome Pewter
Lancer: Awesome Linen
Lancer: Zeus Stone
Lancer: Zeus Rust
Lancer: Zeus Carbon
Lancer: Grande Blue
Lancer: Grande Golden
Lancer: Grande Sienna
Lancer: Grande Taupe
Lancer: Grande Teal
Lancer: Max Brown
Lancer: Max Granite
Lancer: Max Grass
Lancer: Max Linen
Lancer: Max Ruby
Lancer: Grande Aubergine