Lancer 16
Lancer 16 Chair

Shown in fabric: Astaire in color: Autumn

29″ Wide x 31″ Deep x 38″ High


All chairs include arm covers.

Fabric Options

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Lancer: Harvard Clay
Lancer: Harvard Pewter
Lancer: Harvard Taupe
Lancer: Sugarshack Royal
Lancer: Sugarshack Pewter
Lancer: Sugarshack Olive
Lancer: Sugarshack Latte
Lancer: Sugarshack Flame
Lancer: Polygons Marine
Lancer: Polygons Sandstone
Lancer: Polygons Auburn
Lancer: Oklahoma Night
Lancer: Oklahoma Classic
Lancer: Homerun Silver
Lancer: Homerun Latte
Lancer: Homerun Calypso
Lancer: Flannel Naiad
Lancer: Nadine Coin
Lancer: Homerun Paprika
Lancer: Homerun Delft
Lancer: Flannel Puma
Lancer: Flannel Mollusk
Lancer: Flannel Bellows
Lancer: Deer Valley Canyon
Lancer: Deer Valley Apache
Lancer: Compel Espresso
Lancer: Compel Charcoal
Lancer: Awesome Russet
Lancer: Awesome Royal
Lancer: Awesome Pewter
Lancer: Awesome Linen
Lancer: Zeus Stone
Lancer: Zeus Rust
Lancer: Zeus Carbon
Lancer: Grande Blue
Lancer: Grande Golden
Lancer: Grande Sienna
Lancer: Grande Taupe
Lancer: Grande Teal
Lancer: Max Brown
Lancer: Max Granite
Lancer: Max Grass
Lancer: Max Linen
Lancer: Max Ruby
Lancer: Grande Aubergine